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More Than Just a Pretty Jar

More Than Just a Pretty Jar

Wouldn't you like to be a champion for the future while taking great care of your skin?  They're not mutually exclusive.  By choosing products from an environmentally and socially responsible company you can:

- Shrink the heaps of plastic trash in our landfills by choosing glass containers

- Help build our scientific community through our program to give back.

Today's focus: our dark glass bottles. They’re definitely not just for looks! They provide multiple benefits to your products and to the environment; when you choose The Good Chemist, you become an environmental champion too.

Skin Care Goals

First, let’s talk about goals. There are a few factors that are shown to be critical in achieving results from skin care products. These include:

  • Potency
  • Consistent use
  • Freshness
  • Convenience

Based on this, we researched and selected the best containers we could find to support those goals.

The bottles and jars we use are called Miron violet glass. They are made of a super-dark violet glass that shields contents from light.  This particular glass is proven to protect freshness, and extend shelf life - even after opened ( 


Potency is especially important for power ingredients like Vitamin C, which are notoriously unstable. The instability (which is another term for chemically reactive) is what makes the ingredient so effective.

Reactivity enables the key ingredients to interact with the skin and yield significant results. If the chemical reactions start to occur or break down while the product is sitting on your shelf, the potency declines.

Consistent Use

Speaking of your shelf, consistent use of good skin care is the best way to to get visible results. It doesn’t need to be complicated - just powerful and steady.

With these bottles, you can set your products right on the countertop without worry about deterioration. And if they're right there, you’re more likely to use them every morning and/or night. 


Have you ever wondered why beer is bottled in brown glass and red wine in dark bottles? The answer is to protect them from bright light and keep the products fresh.

You’ve probably seen other skin care in dark blue or brown bottles for this reason. However, Miron glass shields more of the light spectrum than blue or brown bottles.

Which brings us to un-tinted clear bottles. It is a well-known fact that light is the enemy of power ingredients - so it’s surprising how many skin care brands still use transparent containers.


We have seen people go to great lengths to compensate for lower quality packaging. They’ve just paid $150 or more for a leading cosmeceuticals serum. Now they are refrigerating their bottles or decanting small amounts and storing the rest in a dark cabinet.

That’s too much work! Look for opaque or near opaque containers to protect your skin care investments.

Glass vs. Plastic

Unfortunately heaps of plastic trash continue to be generated by the beauty industry. We choose to use glass containers that can be reused (highly recommended), recycled, or returned to The Good Chemist as part of a loyalty program.

It just makes sense for a product that lasts three months. Why throw out four non-degradable empty containers per year when you can reuse or recycle glass instead? 

Well, isn't plastic recyclable too, you might ask?  Are glass or plastic bottles better for the environment?  Here's the difference: 

  • Plastic degrades when it is recycled, so it can't be made into new containers.  It is actually 'down-cycled' into reusable shopping bags or even carpet padding. Every new product in a plastic container requires new raw material and adds new trash to the environment.
  • Glass can be recycled over and over into new containers, keeping a limit on the overall resources used. When glass is thrown away it will break down or be ground into inert (non-reactive) particles and will not cause harm to the environment.  Did you know that much of sand is essentially glass?
  • Plastic sticks around for thousands of years unchanged!  It eventually breaks up into tiny pieces that end up in our water and soil, ingested by fish and animals. Not good.

For environmental reasons, glass is the clear winner.

By the way, if you’re concerned about knocking a container over and breaking it, fear not. The Miron glass containers have hefty walls and are very resilient. We’ve tested them extensively, and they are hard to break!

Pumps v. Droppers

You have probably noticed that many serums are packaged in dropper bottles. They may look cool, but in reality they’re not good for the potency of your products and they're messy, awkward to use, and inconvenient.

Every time you open a bottle and pull the dropper out your product is exposed to light, oxygen, and possible contamination. Exposure to light and air leads to oxidation (orange color) and weakening of the power ingredients you’ve invested in.

Using a pump protects against this exposure and therefore helps to ensure that your products remain effective down to the last drop.

And let's talk about awkward! Droppers are messy to use, and like us, you may find that two hands aren’t enough to juggle the bottle, dropper, and pool of product dispensed.

We’ve knocked over serums while trying to put the dropper back in, wasted product from spills and dealt with our investment leaking through our fingers while trying to close the bottle. Not the best experience when you’re in a hurry to get out the door.  Our pump bottles only require one hand! No muss, no fuss.

To top things off, a pump provides more a consistent amount dispensed. And as we know, consistency is king in achieving results. 

For us, the clear winner is a pump dispenser.

Bottom line: always look for pump bottles for your active power products! 


Our choice to use glass containers, pump closures and this particular type of dark glass go directly to our commitment to you to make the most responsible choices possible... for you and the planet.

What do you think of our bottle choices? Share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment below.

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